Door-to-door transport

International groupage transport and logistics solutions

In the field of transport, trust is the result of the experience of customers who understand the value of quality services.
Depending on the availability and the way RomSped Cargo logistics plans considerably reduce the two customer pressures (time and money), the principle of trust is the most important vehicle needed in order to be successful with each expedition.

Door-to-door shipments are those types of shipments made from a sender’s premises to the recipient’s premises.

The door-to-door transport services act as courier services and are especially designed for parcels, packages, letters, luggage, furniture, automotive, clothing, household appliances etc.

With fast and efficient logistics solutions, we manage to exceed any limit or frontier imposed by national and international road transport.

RomSped Cargo team designs and implements specialized logistics and transport operations.

For door-to-door transport services you benefit from the Super-fast delivery service. This service is preferred by most of our customers, each request being integrated into the national logistics and transport network RomSped Cargo. For our customers, this translates into money and time savings.

The door to door transport service meets the need of customers to quickly and safely ship different types of small goods and merchandise.

With the Super-fast delivery service, we offer the opportunity to deliver, under safe and affordable conditions, any package within 24 hours throughout Romania.

The RomSped Cargo fleet comprises a series of sealable mini-vans and each vehicle has a maximum admissible transport weight of up to 700 kg.

Effective, flexible and fast door-to-door transport

By applying RomSped Cargo door to door services you benefit from expedition solutions for goods and parcels, loads and goods in safe and fast conditions.

For domestic shipments, the goods do not have intermediate storage: this which greatly reduces the start time of each race, transit time and shipping costs.

Trust us with the handing over of expedition goods or parcels