Oversized special transports

We design and implement successful logistics solutions for specialized transports. RomSped Cargo provides you with transportation services for oversized goods, depending on the size, weight and specificity of the transport.

The RomSped Cargo fleet is made up of many means of transport. Certain vehicles are designed for shipments of oversized goods to cities or localities in Romania and different regions around the world.

Bulky goods and heavy goods exceed the standard boundaries of road transport and require compliance with certain restrictions.

Oversized road transport services are recommended when the load exceeds the maximum gauge or maximum weight imposed by the regulations of the competent authorities, such as the public road manager (e.g. the City Hall).

Knowing and complying with legal provisions is to our advantage. We run on the routes set by the public road administrators and according to the indications of the local public administration authorities.

The oversized special projects are designed for transport for different categories of goods, such as:

  • Electricity generating machinery and equipment;
  • Large metallic structures;
  • Turbines and electric traction motors;
  • Equipment used in the oil and gas industry;
  • Equipment used in the oil and gas industry;
  • Certain types of industrial mowers;
  • Electric traction motors;
  • Forestry equipment;
  • Equipment and other industrial devices.

We specialize in organizing dynamic projects for the transportation of goods, machinery and equipment from different industries:

  • Transport equipment, agricultural machinery and harvesters;
  • Transport equipment, forestry machinery and equipment;
  • Construction equipment, machinery and trailers;
  • Different types of oversized loads.

RomSped Cargo customers request this type of specialized service when they need to carry large loads or heavy machinery that cannot be divided and cannot be transported by other means of transport.

For the reliability of oversized transport we use semi-trailers, low platforms and mobile cranes. We deal with the organization of oversized cargo transport projects in the smallest detail and offer personalized transport routes based on the logistics solutions successfully implemented for any customer category.

We respond quickly to any order