Clients are pressured by time, money, urgent deliveries or limited investment opportunities.

Our advantage is that we manage to act directly through a national network of partners in Europe, South-West Asia and North Africa.

We ship partial or full loads for any type of truck, both in Romania and/from all European Union countries.

Our transport network links to and from: Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Iran, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland.

Transport services

The company’s services are the action engine that supplies transport solutions anywhere, anytime, without borders.
We can adapt these services to our offer of relocation and storage of goodsr.

Logistics services

Transport tasks vary depending on client specifications and transport operator actions are guided by logistics strategies
effectively implemented by the RomSped Cargo team.

Romsped Cargo Partners

We cooperate with transporters and delivery houses of tradition in Europe

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